Diet Dilemma Book Reviews

Five star book. Your book took what I knew in the back of my head to the forefront – lifestyle adjustments, not diets.

Gerry Holloway, September 2019

Thoroughly enjoyed Diet Dilemmas.  As someone who has been on a diet for the best part of a decade and oddly never reached my goal weight, I found this book to be most insightful.  I always felt a lack of control regarding my weight and having read this book I am slowly beginning to trust myself.  Which is a totally new concept for me.  The process of intuitive eating was so daunting to begin with but this book serves as a constant reminder that I can trust myself.  Great read for anyone wanting to get out of the vicious diet cycle.   

BV, May 2019

This book worked for me.  I am amazed at what a difference eating mindfully actually makes.  Diet Dilemmas doesn’t restrict the amount of food or reduce your choice of food, it just encourages the reader to really think about whether you are actually hungry, what does the food taste like and to pay attention to when you are satiated.  I feel in control of my food now, not deprived or dissatisfied.  It’s a great feeling.  I would heartily recommend this book to anyone who wants to take control and not be a slave to the latest dieting fad.

PM, April 2019

Excellent, educative and informative, I highly recommend it.

Kate’s book is extremely informative and is clear and consistent in what I would call a holistic emphasis on individual’s relationships’ with food. The easy to follow chapters are constructed around what she has identified through years of experience in clinics, as common characteristics for many seeking weight loss and focuses on ways to prevent the usual tripping up over common obstacles.

Having said that, Kate’s approach is to facilitate better understanding of the rhetoric around diets and how a healthier relationship with food is desirable. The book promotes an attitude of choice for wellbeing and pleasure that can be achieved if foods are not labelled good or bad. Additionally restrictive diets that inevitably result in the yo-yo effect and weight gain overtime are challenged from a knowledgeable and supportive psychological perspective.

LH, Feb 2019Client and Psychotherapist

Fab, fab, fab! This book literally sums up most of my eating habits and diets over the years. A must read!

DM, Jan 2019

Thought provoking. A fresh and realistic approach.

BH, Bangor, October 2018

If you have ever struggled with your weight and with ‘yo-yo’ dieting this book is excellent. It provides an alternative approach encouraging you to listen to your body and to your feelings of hunger and fullness; identify the reasons why you eat (and overeat) and attempts to challenge all those old diet rules which may or may not have worked for you in the past but more than likely didn’t work in the long term… Definitely worth reading and re-reading.

FM, May 2018

Brilliant book.  This book helped me greatly to reconsider how dieting has helped me.  I feel more relaxed and in control of my eating now.

GM, Amazon Reviewer, March 2018

“Brilliant….addressed such a gap in the market”

JKDietitian, September 2017

“..empowers the reader to improve their relationship with food….supports the reader to change their mind-set and language around food….overall the book is easy to read, clear and concise…”

British Dietetic Association Book reviewerPublished in Dietetics Today June 2017

“Simple, no nonsense read.  I could relate to every chapter.  If you want a book that is going to tell you what to eat, this is not for you.  If you want a book that helps you to think about and improve your own problems with food, then worth a read.  Emphasises choice, not rules”.

AM McKennaAmazon Review May 2017

“Really helpful book which is a great read, ideal if you want to lose weight once and for all! Full of helpful and practical tips.”

S DunlopAmazon Review May 2017