Q: Why is a dietitian that used to specialise in weight loss so anti-diet?

A: Because focusing on weight loss by dieting is a distraction from the real issue – your relationship with food.  What you really need to lose is unhelpful food and eating behaviours.  I learnt from my mistakes – and so could you.

Learn to live WITHOUT dieting denial restriction turning CRAZY obsessing starving sacrificing

So are we done with dieting? Super. You’re in the right place. So get ready…you’re about to learn how to:

Take back control.

Re-learn how to trust yourself around food.

Eat happily ever after.

Why wouldn’t you?

Hhmmm…not sure. I just wanted another diet. Why should I consider a different approach?

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • A long history of dieting?
  • Several cycles of weight loss followed by weight regain?
  • Heavier now than you were before your first diet?
  • Maybe you’re not particularly overweight, but you know you’re heading in that direction and feel out of control around food?

If you can relate to any of the above, then it is clear that our dieting culture is, at best, not helping, and at worst, doing you more harm than good. So thank goodness, there is a better approach!! Learn to manage your food problems instead of temporarily avoiding them under the false security of another diet.

If dieting is not the solution, what is?

If dieting has got you nowhere, you need to:

  • Identify your problems with food and deal with them directly
  • Find your dieting mentalities (for example, arbitrary rules or unhelpful food thoughts) that keep your stuck at the extremes of either dietary restriction or diet rebellion
  • Learn how to read internal signals (hunger, fullness, satisfaction) to reduce reliance on external restraints like calorie counting, scales or apps
  • Learn to work within boundaries, not hard and fast rules

Do all of the above and more, within a structured and supported framework and find food liberation while working towards your outcome of sustainable weight loss.

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