The food of love… Valentine’s Day approaches, and all I’m hearing is “Can food really be an aphrodisiac?” (I’m not actually, but I was quite curious myself…). The foods which are commonly thought to have aphrodisiac properties includes: Almonds, asparagus, avocados, banana, basil, cherries, chillies, dark chocolate, figs, garlic, honey, oysters, pomegranates, red wine, strawberries, […]

No sweets at Lent

Preparation or deprivation? Lent has been hijacked. By dieters. It’s not surprising – forgoing food for 40 days is a guaranteed way to lose weight (although I’m not sure that was Jesus’s motivation). Deprivation is at the heart of both Lent and dieting. Despite it also being about preparation and reflection, for those with a […]

Lady doing yoga giving motivation

You’ve survived Christmas. The pies are all eaten, and you’re not eating chocolate again (well, until Easter anyway). January…..a fresh start.  So here we are, over midway through the month – who’s still riding the New Year Motivation Wave? I dislike the word ‘motivation’. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not. Not very dependable really.  A […]