Eat what you want

The day we’ve all been waiting for…Friday 11th May 2018 is National Eat What You Want Day!!   WARNING – If you enjoy food like avocado, nuts, olive oil, salmon or greek yoghurt for example, but often avoid them in favour of low fat or diet products, then eating what you want could seriously improve your […]

Food guilt trip

With Easter around the corner, and chocolate flying off the shelves, how many of you are packing your bags for your next guilt trip? Picture the scene: 1 cake, 2 people. Person 1 sees cake. Considers if they want some. Eats cake. The end. Person 2 sees calories, fat, temptation, a test, a challenge, a […]


Below average. That’s what we, the residents of Northern Ireland are. We eat TOO LITTLE fruit vegetables fibre oily fish Lower than the UK average. Below average. Must try harder. However, we eat TOO MUCH: saturated fat processed meat sugar salt More than the UK average. Above average. Hoorayyyyy….no, wait, that’s not good. It’s Nutrition […]