Your children depend on you to provide food to keep them healthy. The ideal position is to provide a varied diet of good nutritional quality, while limiting less nutritious foods.  Easy, right? With childhood obesity in the media spotlight, what is the best way to try to ensure this happens? Is it better to […]

Spotlight on diets

You know what happens when you look for love in all the wrong places – but what else are you looking for in all the wrong places? The dieting industry continues to expand (pun intended). There is only one reason you would choose to drink Slimfast, join Slimming World or Weight Watchers, start Lighter Life […]

Bones need calcium

Milk. It used to be so simple. Milk came from cows. Not any longer….oat milk, rice milk, cashew milk, almond milk, soya milk, coconut milk, hazelnut milk…it goes on and on.. World Milk Day – not what it used to be. Dairy farmers must be raging. Calcium The significance of cow’s milk (and milk products […]